About Patrick O’Flynn

Patrick O’Flynn is a UKIP MEP for the Eastern region.

Prior to being elected in May 2014, Patrick was UKIP Director of Communications and also served as Campaign Director for the party’s victorious European elections campaign.

Before then Patrick was the longstanding Chief Political Commentator of the Daily Express and instigated that newspaper’s exciting campaign to get Britain out of the European Union. He also served as political editor of the Express in an 18-year career with the newspaper group.

During 25 years as a newspaper journalist, Patrick also worked for the Hull Daily Mail, the Birmingham Post and the Sunday Express.

Born in Cambridge in August 1965, Patrick attended Morley Memorial Primary School, Parkside Community College and Long Road Sixth Form College in the City, before going on to graduate with an honours degree in economics from King’s College, Cambridge. He is married with two teenage children.

Since becoming an MEP in May, Patrick has become a leading voice of opposition to the euro on the European Parliament’s economic committee, making a series of speeches denouncing the single currency’s impact upon the nations of southern Europe. He is also UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Cambridge in the forthcoming general election.

As an Eastern MEP he has based his office in Peterborough, helping to ensure a good spread of UKIP MEP offices across the region, with Stuart Agnew MEP having his constituency office in Great Yarmouth and Tim Aker MEP having his in Thurrock.

Patrick says: “I switched careers from journalism to politics because I am absolutely passionate about making the biggest contribution I can to the cause of Britain becoming a self-governing nation once again.

“Since the Daily Express became Britain’s only better off out national newspaper in November 2010 huge progress has been made towards forcing a referendum to give the British people the chance to restore their national democracy.

“Much of the credit for that progress is down to UKIP and it is my unique privilege to have been able to play an important role in the leading media voice against British EU membership and in the leading party political voice against it too.”

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